The Shape of Gigs to Come

We have some great gigs coming up in March, you should check these out:

Thursday March 1, we’ll be back at the Vermillion (1508 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122) along with one of Seth Alexander’s superb bands. We go on at 9:30.

Saturday March 10, we’ll be performing at Vashon’s Open Space (18870 103rd Ave SW, Vashon, WA 98070) as part of an evening with Winona LaDuke. 6pm.

And Thursday March 29, we’ll be at Tim’s Tavern (602 N 105th St, Seattle, WA 98133) along with Kevin Nortness’ great band Kissyface. Show starts at 9pm.

Come on down, take a peek, give a listen.

Happy New Year from Some’tet

For the second year in a row, Some’tet celebrated New Years Eve with a bash at Patrick’s. I’ve dubbed this annual December event as MeatFest -- when heaps of Polish sausages from Minnesota and meatballs from Chicago are sent west to ring in a beefier holiday ... gorging our bellies, straining our cholesterol levels. And this year’s music jam included some of the best musicians from the Seattle area. Besides the regular ‘tet crew, Seth Alexander played alto sax, and both Rusty Willoughby and Ethan Cudaback sat in on drums and percussion. Some free jazz. Some New Orleans grooves. Some soul. Some sambas. Some Some’tet fair. A lot of horseplay and horse-trading and some delicious homemade horseradish, perfect for the kielbasas. A helluva good party!

Happy New Year from Some’tet, and I’d like to add … we have some big plans for 2018.


You know, it’s been a helluva year, one a pesky friggin’ year.

Last Sunday, December 17th, Some’tet wrapped up 2017 in a pretty razor wire ribbon, politely doffed its large herringbone cap and then kicked that mother to the goddamned curb. But what a great night, our final Snapdragon gig of the year. Wes and Kevin (on upright bass once again) and I pushed it hard -- jamming, shouting, ripping these songs of ours to bloody shreds. Fun, fun, decadent fun!

And it’s been a helluva year for ol’ Some’tet too. Good and not so good. By the numbers, we played a grand total of 69 gigs. We lost, but added 2 new members to the band. I could add up how much money we made, but … well, there are so many reasons why I’m not going there. And sadly we put out 0 recordings this year.

But we played some great gigs -- The EarShot 2nd Century Jazz Festival. The two gigs at the Red Bike on Vashon, that last Sunday in November gig at Snapdragon, the last two gigs at The Musicquarium/Triple Door. Yeah, it’s been one helluva year -- one bumpy but exhilarating white knuckled ride.

A side note: These days it’s not easy being a bipedal, pigeon toed goof -- a brain adrift, ground down into gunk. Yep. Worry is the air I breathe. Anxiety is the food I eat. Disquiet is the sound in my ears. Shit, without stress, I’d be a jellyfish. Though, I’d like to be a jellyfish sometimes, especially one those nasty giant fuckers stinging the hell out of some these nimrods toying with me and my family, friends -- my ilk. But I’m hoping for a kinder 2018. I’m hoping to be kinder too. Needless to say, I’m not one for lighting candles or holding hands against an ill wind, or bowing my head in silence … but something has got to change, and I’ll spout the ol’ cliché -- Change has go to start with me. Here’s to a good and worthy 2018.

Gig Time

Haven’t written anything here in over a month! Time. Too long a time. A lack of time. Wasting time. All twists of time. Time with a lemon twist. A splash of soda water. I prefer Time on the rocks.

I’m sure Time is an illusion. Our brains invented it to blackout the abject failure of mankind not getting the bigger picture. Our perception is content to live tiny. We demand walls. Walls to help block the view. Contain our perception. And besides, Time is the perfect excuse for explaining failure. What did someone once suggest, there is no now or tomorrow just the past living endlessly. Infinitely. Ruthlessly. I’m not sure -- I just wrote that right now, maybe later on, there might be a better explanation. For the moment though -- surprise surprise! -- I'm not harping on the past, but looking forward.

Tomorrow night. Friday, November 17, 8:30pm. We’re heading back to the Red Bicycle Bistro on Vashon Island. And since our last gig there we have a couple of new band members to show off -- Wes Peterson on drums! Kevin Nortness on tenor sax! Both are unbelievably good! These are exciting days for ol' Some'tet!

And since I seemed to be obsessed with Time today, here’s a little history lesson for November 17th: 1973, Richard Nixon declares, "I am not a crook." 1978, the insanely awful Star Wars Holiday Special airs/errs on CBS for the only time – even George Lucas hated it. 2003, Britney Spears at 21, becomes the youngest singer to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Birthdays -- Rock Hudson, Peter Cook, Howard Dean, John Boehner, Lorne Michaels, Danny DeVito, RuPaul, East Bay Ray, and Lee Strasberg. It’s also the 100th anniversary of the death of Rodin.

newposter copy.jpg

oeur d'oeuvres, hard cider, & jazz ... oh my!

Success! Some'tet survived consecutive odd, convoluted weekends. We found ourselves all over the place -- a little bit there, here & there again. Friday night Sept 29th, Patrick, Christine, Barry & Whitmore did a song for the 80's Night Benefit for Vashon Events; covering one we don’t play much anymore, Under the Milky Way, in a samba style -- though we screwed with the intro, twisting around scrumptious layers of feedback & horseplay.

Saturday morning, Some’tet played at the Vashon Farmers Market. Wes Peterson sat in on cajón. And for the first time in 3 years of Market gigs it didn’t rain on ol' Some'tet. Sunday night we performed for the Burn Design Lab benefit at the Dragon's Head Cider. We did our best to devour all the oeur d'oeuvres, polish off the delicious hard cider & kick some mean jazz ass. Meanwhile Kevin was across town playing a benefit for the Open Space.

The following Saturday, Oct. 7th, cider was king again. We played the annual Vashon Cider Fest. Barry was out of town, but Kevin killed on tenor sax. Our two-hour set was rewarded, once again, with more than our share of hard cider. Sunday night, time to play a quiet, intimate set, Wes sat in again. Mellow, but an indisputably weird & teasing gig. Success!

Below -- Some'tet with special guest Wes Peterson on cajón. 'Owls', live in the great outdoors!

Welcome to the Terrible Twos

Here we are! Our 2nd birthday -- hatched, September 28th, 2015! On that date we somehow settled on the name Some’tet. We had gigged under a terrible crapload of banners -- The Callipygous Trio, ZazzerZuzz, and a few others we won’t even mention. Anyway, in the two years since our christening, we’ve gigged 110 times, done a hellava lot of toe tapping, finger snapping, head bopping, some serious fanny shaking, perhaps too much tongue flappin’, wiggling our prehensile tails. Yeah! Happy Birthday Some’tet, you little toddler you … here comes the terrible twos! May you live long and prosper.

The Beat of Summer

The end of summer always elicits bad poetry from me. Who knows, maybe some of this will wind up in a song, or it'll find life as a Facebook post, or I'll plug this into some future weird manifesto. Anyway … Behold!

Before the beat of summer ambles south, Remember

how June opened with such optimism,

and July sweet-talked many a prospect? 

Now August burns sour,

lemon tart sour, bitter bitch end.

And autumn, moody as hell, keeps knocking at the window

slapped mad about being born.

Sure, September claims balance. But wait, just wait, it’ll enter

potholed, drunk and careless.

I’ll be there too, soon,

haymakers and boilermakers,

shaking a whiskey flask by the tail, lying about how I love the rain,

the smell of leaf rot and

 all those grand plans for winter.


Huzzah! Bonfires, bells ring! Boogaloo & shingaling! Zing went the strings of my schwing! Oh hoopla & wingding, bring me a thingy to sing! Sunday August 13th will be our 100th Some’tet gig. Yep. 100 gigs since we officially became Some’tet in September 2015. I’m a sucker for milestones, and definitely an idiot for rotund, callipygous numbers. So where better to celebrate then at Snapdragon/Home Sweet Home -- where this whole goddamned thing started! Come on out …

Go Faster No Fester So Foster

Go Faster No Fester So Foster … July has been a quick sprint of a month, kicking my tailbone from one gig to another, from rehearsal to rehearsal. Its ok, rent will get paid! Actually, I’ll be sad to see July go. Sure it’s been hectic, but fun -- shit, it’s been damn near hedonistic. Some’tet, alone, will have played at least 8 gigs this month, four of them I’d call pretty significant: 1) July 2nd gig at the Lodges on Vashon. Our musicianship that day was kind of muscular -- not what I expected. The plus side result, I guess, from playing in front of a large attentive crowd and being on the same bill with some great, established Northwest jazz artists. But it was also, sadly, our last gig with saxophonist Dianne. 2) On July 13, we played the Earshot Second Century Jazz Series, the most noteworthy gig we’ve ever booked. A small audience turned out, but we played solidly, and there were some top-notch solos from all of us. Next year, I’m planning on getting into the annual Earshot Jazz Festival. 3) One of the first positive upshots coming out of the Earshot gig was meeting, once again, the new tenor sax player on Vashon Island, Kevin Nortness. He came down to see us play, and the following Sunday the 16th he sat in with us at Snapdragon. What an incredible musician! Go to our video page, and you can see him kicking it with us -- and remember he’s never played with us before! 4) Vashon’s annual Strawberry Festival. This year, we gigged prime time! And Some’tet performed as a full six piece with Kevin guesting on sax and clarinet. He and Barry, actually all of us, just ripped it up. We may have started off the first song a bit tentatively, but we wound up going big rest of the way. One song of note, Plywood Winter, was just wild. Untethered I say! There was some serious hoots and cheers after that baby. The nutshell -- this year, July has had a lot of tricks up her sleeve, every few hours she seems to deal out another surprise -- all kinds of surprises from cantankerous to divine. But that’s Ok … we’re improvisers by nature. So thank you July 2017!! Looking forward to what August has in store. Here's an excerpt of the song Plywood Winter.

Post Gig Post

This past holiday weekend we played a couple of gigs -- the usual Sunday at Snapdragon, but also a gig at the beautiful Lodges on Vashon. What a blast. Incredible gig. Cool summer temperatures, crystal blue skies and a really receptive crowd. A number of songs have never sounded better. Also, on a personal note, it was my birthday, and a significant one to boot -- but we won’t get into the numbers thing this time around! Also on the bill was the Seth Alexander Quartet -- one of my very favorite musicians here in the northwest, he too lives on Vashon Island -- and Birch Pereira and the Gin Joints. Four hours of jazz in so many variations. Kind of perfect! On a sadder note, it was also our last gig with Dianne Krouse, our stellar sax and clarinet player. She’s back in school, working on her masters and new career opportunities, so for now she has to drift away. She’ll be missed. Hopefully, sometimes, she’ll wander by our Snapdragon Sunday gigs. Thanks Dianne, we absolutely love you!!

Next up for Some’tet -- Earshot’s Second Century Jazz Series, Thursday July 13th at the Chapel performance Space at the Good Sheperd Center, Wallingford, Seattle. More info soon.

Sunday July 2nd, Great Gig & a Big Ass Birthday ...

This coming Sunday afternoon, July 2nd, Some’tet along with the Seth Alexander Quartet, and Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints will be performing at the Lodges on Vashon (17205 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon WA). Some’tet starts at 2pm. Seth Alexander at 3:30. Birch Pereira at 5:00.

Come on out for an afternoon of some great jazz and just plain, fine summertime fun. There will be a full bar, plus Vashon Brewing Company will be pouring and food is available -- catered by Vashon's own Gravy!

A side note: It's also my birthday. A big one. Ugh. Of course it ends in a rather large fat, rotund zero. But the number before that zero -- unusually distressing. Just a hint  -- I was born in the record year of the most teenage pregnancies in the US. Hank Aaron was the NL's MVP. Does the word Chevy Nomad mean anything to you. How about Ford Thunderbird, first generation. I was born before Kind of Blue, Take Five, Johnny B. Goode, Sputnik 1, the bossa nova and years before the phenomenon known as Beatlemania … Yeah Yeah Yeah. Come on out! 

Just Another Weekend

The weekend of June 9th. Friday night: After defeating a couple of mind flayers single-handedly in the 7/11 parking lot -- these goddamned Illithids came out of the Underdark grabbing for our nachos … "not to today you ugly octopi piece of dung!!!" -- Christine and I played a couple of songs at the Red Bike on Vashon for 60’s Night.

Saturday was even crazier. A couple of us solved math’s Hodge Conjecture and the Riemann Hypothesis during lunch -- again we had nachos -- before running a 10k barefoot. That evening we played a gig at the Sorrento Hotel -- played well too, one of our best gigs ever. A gorgeous warm night to start, went from warm to chilly faster than a back spasm cools down the sheets at the height of coitus. We skedaddled for the ferry.

Sunday morning: After translating Dante’s Divine Comedy from Italian to Sanskrit, I had my weekly consultation with NASA. They love me. For lunch I prepared, for the band, a traditional Gascony dish, confit du canard avec pommes grenailles, and of course prepared in a centuries-old process -- first salt cured and then cooked in its own fat. Anyway, that evening Some’tet was back at the Snapdragon Café/ Home Sweet Home the Bar as a quintet. We played some fine jazz, some great post-jazz, sambas and torch songs, but we also dug into our seventh annual Springtime salute to Dimmu Borgir, Burzum and other great Swedish death metal bands. A good time was had by one and all. A great weekend! Now I have to get back to sewing my Amish quilt. Thanks. See you next Sunday. The weather, once again, looks promising .

You Summer, You Sundays, You Snapdragon Patio, You Plagiarism

You jazz’d swagger of small towns! you lost melody at the edges! You horn worn in bop and boogaloo! you sambas! You cluster’d notes and ditty! you timbre knot! You distant chords! you drown of drums! You pierc’d bellow! you holy goofs! You discordant souls! you swing cloud’d by island skies. You open strings! you down bass and ascending stomp! You ride and crash! you steely tones of tenor! You tip jar! you sunny patio! You the living and the drinking and the eating and you all joy of conversation and friends from all that has sung, will sing, songs, sang, Some’tet, Summer, Sun, Snapdragon, Sundays, Six-thirty … you Walt Whitman, from whom I steal, I thank you

Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

Yay! Et Bravo France! Félicitations pour ne pas avoir élu un fasciste comme leader! Continuez votre bon travail. Liberté, égalité, fraternité! Vous êtes beaucoup plus intelligent que nous, les Américains pleins. Nous avons célébré les élections françaises au champagne et au jazz au Snapdragon Cafe. Je pense qu'il est temps d'écrire plus de chansons en français, peut-être que nous devrions aller en France et faire des concerts! On pourrait seulement espérer!

500 hours ...

A couple of weekends ago -- April 14th to be exact -- was the 4th anniversary of our Snapdragon Sunday Night Music residency. Four years! And I’ve been doing the math. It looks like that’s about 500 hour’s worth of live music -- the equivalent to about 3 weeks! I’ve also tried compiling the possible tonnage of beer we’ve consumed. Couldn’t figure out the exact capacity -- seems my algebra and calculus skills have failed me yet again. Though personally, by checking in the mirror I’d say at least 25 pounds. Come on down on a Sunday, start time 6:30/7:00. Snapdragon Café/Home Sweet Home Bar, 17817 Vashon Hwy, Vashon WA.

Groove and Gravity

During the middle of Friday nights gig at Vashon’s Red Bike, I had this thought. To my ear, there are few things as thrilling as the sound of musicians jamming, seemingly traveling in opposite musical directions, yet shadow the same intangible thin thread. The pushing, pulling, scrambling, challenging, spinning weird in the air -- all connected, but separate. And the moment the music drops back into … I guess ‘symmetry’ is the word … Zowww! Holy shit! That is power and alchemy and magnificence.

Well, mostly. To be truthful, I tend to instantly miss the weird! I like the high wire act. I like the danger, chance and the throw of the dice and having to accept any divination unfolding. Because you know, you know -- gravity will lurch at the damnedest friggin’ moments. Hold on. You have too. Gravity happens. But groove and gravity, it’s a sweet game and all kinds of addicting. Come check us out on Friday April 28th, 6pm, at the Olive Branch Café, 2501 E D St, Tacoma.


This Friday, April 7th, Some’tet will be back at Vashon's The Red Bicycle and Bistro. And just to make the evening a bit more festive, we’re celebrating the birthdays of jazz greats Billie Holiday, Mongo Santamaria and Freddie Hubbard … some seriously heavy hitters. Come on out. Fill your rainy night with sushi, torch songs, whiskey, beer, burgers, gossip, jazz, fries, sambas, friends, flirtations, kismet, epiphanies … 

Space is the Place

File this in the tall esoteric can, certainly not worth getting all sparkly about. But! This past Sunday, March 26th, Some’tet played its 75th gig since we officially took on the moniker Some’tet in September 2015. And of course befitting the etymology of our name, this week we played as a trio … Barry Cooper, Patrick Christie and Whitmore. A great set, if I do say so myself. On the soloing end of things, both Barry and Patrick out-and-out ripped things to shreds … worlds collided, the earth stood still, the sky exploded, it came from beyond space -- you should've been there if you weren’t there, it was kind of interstellar, as one always hopes it'll be ... “space is the place,” as the great Sun Ra always said. Yeah!

photo by Shelley Hanna Photography