Sunday, July 16th, during our Snapdragon gig, tenor saxophonist Kevin Nortness sat in with us. We had met him here, on Vashon Island, a couple of weeks earlier, found out we had several friends in common, but other than seeing us play at the Earshot Second Century Jazz Series the previous week, he had never heard nor played any of our songs. This was fun! Here is “Naked in the Leaves.”



Here it is ... a long long, long version of 'Face in the Fire', and yes its 12 minutes long! But what the hell! It's pretty damn good. Filmed in August 2017 by our great friend Allan Kaplan. Yes its not perfect, but what in life is? Filling in on bass is Kevin Nortness, who is also our sax player. Take some time out of your busy day, relax, give it a spin, groove!



I been stayin’ up past midnight most seven days a week / I sit by my window and the owls start to speak / I heard the owls talking and they were talking about you / Something about somebody and how somebody got screwed / Who who? / I threw open my window and much to my surprise, the biggest owl I’ve ever seen looking me dead in the eyes / I heard the owls talking and they were talking about you / How these woods got an evil and how you got me fooled / Who who?



I don’t know, semantics I guess, (and does anything but semantics quibble?) We call this a Bossa though it’s a Samba, and we call the song ‘Chevy’ though its actual title is ‘Java’, and we’re called Some’tet because nobody could pronounce Callipygous Trio, and though we're typically a six piece -- drummer Dodd was out of town … Well, this video is from our live gig March 3rd, 2017 on KVSH 101.9FM, better known as VoV, or the Voice of Vashon.



We entered NPR's 2017 Tiny Desk competition along with 6000 other acts. But as life sometimes just hands you a hard boiled egg, well -- you just got to break up the shell, look around for a pinch of salt and sit down to a light lunch. Christine was sick, so we switched songs. Whitmore took over the lead vocals of another song that we seldom play, but that's ok. And Dodd was out of town. You do what you gotta do -- pull "Plan C" out of your ass ...  what the hell, we still had a great time. This is the video we sent in, Shelley Hanna filmed it, edited it overnight. We thank her! She's responsible for most of the photography on this website! And she's great! Anyway, enjoy ... we give you the song 'Hands'.



Here's a short clip from our Ep release shindig in October 2016. It was a new song called "Heard the Owls Talking", this being only the second time we've ever played it. Anyway, we had a blast that night and wanted to thank KVSH 101.9fm, the Red Bike, Pete Welsh and all the people who braved the seriously crappy weather to see us play -- many thanks! 



Just a bit of a teaser of our song 'Walk You Home' featured on our first EP STEPS -- live at the Red Bike on Vashon. 



A bit of 'Face in the Fire' from a gorgeous Sunday evening at the Snapdragon cafe, summer of 2016.