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Space is the Place

File this in the tall esoteric can, certainly not worth getting all sparkly about. But! This past Sunday, March 26th, Some’tet played its 75th gig since we officially took on the moniker Some’tet in September 2015. And of course befitting the etymology of our name, this week we played as a trio … Barry Cooper, Patrick Christie and Whitmore. A great set, if I do say so myself. On the soloing end of things, both Barry and Patrick out-and-out ripped things to shreds … worlds collided, the earth stood still, the sky exploded, it came from beyond space -- you should've been there if you weren’t there, it was kind of interstellar, as one always hopes it'll be ... “space is the place,” as the great Sun Ra always said. Yeah!

photo by Shelley Hanna Photography