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Winding up. Winding down. A funny polarity.

How has two months passed since my last Babble entry? Some’tet has been busy. I’ve been busy. Since June 20th, my last post, we’ve played almost 20 gigs. Maybe Some’tet has been frustrated. Because I know, I’ve been frustrated. There’s a numbing fact.

On the good side, we had our Musicquarium residency. Flip side. To be perfectly honest … it wasn’t particularly eventful. One night it was just grim. Well maybe, just anticlimactic. 

Here’s the expression running through my skewed and tired, gray-pork matter -- winding up. Or is it winding down. It’s an interesting phrase, like slim chance and fat chance. Flammable or inflammable, or I could give a fuck or I couldn’t give a fuck. The nonsensical richness of the English language. It all spells a funny polarity.

This coming weekend Some’tet will be playing our 175th gig. I recently read that one of my very favorite no-wave bands from New York and the 1970’s, Mars, played a grand total of 9 live gigs. And yet they left an impact with their record output. Ok, they’re not household names but, still …

We may never properly record this band. That is disappointing. Maybe in the winding up/winding down portion of our history this lineup just may find an opportunity. Weirder things have happened. Something approximating something good may come knocking at the door. Somehow, somewhere, someway, something just might step forward and breath a smidge of life back into Some’tet’s old animus ... Carpe Diem! Corpus, Mens, Spiritus! E Pluribus Unum! Ars Longa Vita Brevis, Eureka! Utopia. Kismet. A throw of the dice, seven come eleven, baby needs a new pair of shoes, dragging us all the way back from the theme of the beam of the invisible edge.