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sum sum sum some'tet summertime

Some'tet started off the summer gig season with a whiskey soda in hand, a game of croquet, and a warm evening at the Lodges of Vashon this past Sunday May 29th, kicking off the Lodges Summer Music series. Thanks to the great crowd, thanks to everyone at the Lodges! We played one long set for somewhere in the vicinity of two and a half hours, and introduced a couple of new songs. I thought one of the highlights was Christine's smokey version of "Come Wander With Me", a song from TV's Twilight Zone. Written by Jeff Alexander (a Seattle native) and Anthony Wilson and sung -- in this the last episode recorded -- by Bonnie Beecher.  

Sidenote: Bob Dylan's very first recordings were recorded at Bonnie Beecher's Minneapolis' home back in 1961, before his Greenwich Village days. Another odd bit of trivia -- Liza Minnelli auditioned for the same Bonnie Beecher role, but was turned down.

Closing Twilight Zone narration for Come Wander With Me -- "In retrospect, it may be said of Mr. Floyd Burney that he achieved that final dream of the performer: eternal top-name billing, not in the fleeting billboards of the entertainment world, but forever recorded among the folk songs of the Twilight Zone"