This weekend Some’tet is playing at the annual Vashon Strawberry Festival. We’ve played there the last two years but under different monikers, with slightly different personnel …  oh, those halcyon days of being The Callipygous Trio --

callipygian. adj. "of, pertaining to, or having beautiful buttocks," 1800, Latinized from Greek kallipygos, name of a statue of Aphrodite at Syracuse, from kalli-, combining form of kallos "beauty" + pyge "rump, buttocks."

Yes! Still the best band name I’ve ever come up with, but sadly nobody could pronounce callipygous, not even my band members. Alas …

Come on by, check us out on the Ober Park Stage, Sunday afternoon, July 17th at 2:30, playing all the hits -- well, hits? Alas …