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Gig Time

Haven’t written anything here in over a month! Time. Too long a time. A lack of time. Wasting time. All twists of time. Time with a lemon twist. A splash of soda water. I prefer Time on the rocks.

I’m sure Time is an illusion. Our brains invented it to blackout the abject failure of mankind not getting the bigger picture. Our perception is content to live tiny. We demand walls. Walls to help block the view. Contain our perception. And besides, Time is the perfect excuse for explaining failure. What did someone once suggest, there is no now or tomorrow just the past living endlessly. Infinitely. Ruthlessly. I’m not sure -- I just wrote that right now, maybe later on, there might be a better explanation. For the moment though -- surprise surprise! -- I'm not harping on the past, but looking forward.

Tomorrow night. Friday, November 17, 8:30pm. We’re heading back to the Red Bicycle Bistro on Vashon Island. And since our last gig there we have a couple of new band members to show off -- Wes Peterson on drums! Kevin Nortness on tenor sax! Both are unbelievably good! These are exciting days for ol' Some'tet!

And since I seemed to be obsessed with Time today, here’s a little history lesson for November 17th: 1973, Richard Nixon declares, "I am not a crook." 1978, the insanely awful Star Wars Holiday Special airs/errs on CBS for the only time – even George Lucas hated it. 2003, Britney Spears at 21, becomes the youngest singer to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Birthdays -- Rock Hudson, Peter Cook, Howard Dean, John Boehner, Lorne Michaels, Danny DeVito, RuPaul, East Bay Ray, and Lee Strasberg. It’s also the 100th anniversary of the death of Rodin.

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