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You know, it’s been a helluva year, one a pesky friggin’ year.

Last Sunday, December 17th, Some’tet wrapped up 2017 in a pretty razor wire ribbon, politely doffed its large herringbone cap and then kicked that mother to the goddamned curb. But what a great night, our final Snapdragon gig of the year. Wes and Kevin (on upright bass once again) and I pushed it hard -- jamming, shouting, ripping these songs of ours to bloody shreds. Fun, fun, decadent fun!

And it’s been a helluva year for ol’ Some’tet too. Good and not so good. By the numbers, we played a grand total of 69 gigs. We lost, but added 2 new members to the band. I could add up how much money we made, but … well, there are so many reasons why I’m not going there. And sadly we put out 0 recordings this year.

But we played some great gigs -- The EarShot 2nd Century Jazz Festival. The two gigs at the Red Bike on Vashon, that last Sunday in November gig at Snapdragon, the last two gigs at The Musicquarium/Triple Door. Yeah, it’s been one helluva year -- one bumpy but exhilarating white knuckled ride.

A side note: These days it’s not easy being a bipedal, pigeon toed goof -- a brain adrift, ground down into gunk. Yep. Worry is the air I breathe. Anxiety is the food I eat. Disquiet is the sound in my ears. Shit, without stress, I’d be a jellyfish. Though, I’d like to be a jellyfish sometimes, especially one those nasty giant fuckers stinging the hell out of some these nimrods toying with me and my family, friends -- my ilk. But I’m hoping for a kinder 2018. I’m hoping to be kinder too. Needless to say, I’m not one for lighting candles or holding hands against an ill wind, or bowing my head in silence … but something has got to change, and I’ll spout the ol’ cliché -- Change has go to start with me. Here’s to a good and worthy 2018.