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You Summer, You Sundays, You Snapdragon Patio, You Plagiarism

You jazz’d swagger of small towns! you lost melody at the edges! You horn worn in bop and boogaloo! you sambas! You cluster’d notes and ditty! you timbre knot! You distant chords! you drown of drums! You pierc’d bellow! you holy goofs! You discordant souls! you swing cloud’d by island skies. You open strings! you down bass and ascending stomp! You ride and crash! you steely tones of tenor! You tip jar! you sunny patio! You the living and the drinking and the eating and you all joy of conversation and friends from all that has sung, will sing, songs, sang, Some’tet, Summer, Sun, Snapdragon, Sundays, Six-thirty … you Walt Whitman, from whom I steal, I thank you