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Just Another Weekend

The weekend of June 9th. Friday night: After defeating a couple of mind flayers single-handedly in the 7/11 parking lot -- these goddamned Illithids came out of the Underdark grabbing for our nachos … "not to today you ugly octopi piece of dung!!!" -- Christine and I played a couple of songs at the Red Bike on Vashon for 60’s Night.

Saturday was even crazier. A couple of us solved math’s Hodge Conjecture and the Riemann Hypothesis during lunch -- again we had nachos -- before running a 10k barefoot. That evening we played a gig at the Sorrento Hotel -- played well too, one of our best gigs ever. A gorgeous warm night to start, went from warm to chilly faster than a back spasm cools down the sheets at the height of coitus. We skedaddled for the ferry.

Sunday morning: After translating Dante’s Divine Comedy from Italian to Sanskrit, I had my weekly consultation with NASA. They love me. For lunch I prepared, for the band, a traditional Gascony dish, confit du canard avec pommes grenailles, and of course prepared in a centuries-old process -- first salt cured and then cooked in its own fat. Anyway, that evening Some’tet was back at the Snapdragon Café/ Home Sweet Home the Bar as a quintet. We played some fine jazz, some great post-jazz, sambas and torch songs, but we also dug into our seventh annual Springtime salute to Dimmu Borgir, Burzum and other great Swedish death metal bands. A good time was had by one and all. A great weekend! Now I have to get back to sewing my Amish quilt. Thanks. See you next Sunday. The weather, once again, looks promising .