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Happy New Year from Some’tet

For the second year in a row, Some’tet celebrated New Years Eve with a bash at Patrick’s. I’ve dubbed this annual December event as MeatFest -- when heaps of Polish sausages from Minnesota and meatballs from Chicago are sent west to ring in a beefier holiday ... gorging our bellies, straining our cholesterol levels. And this year’s music jam included some of the best musicians from the Seattle area. Besides the regular ‘tet crew, Seth Alexander played alto sax, and both Rusty Willoughby and Ethan Cudaback sat in on drums and percussion. Some free jazz. Some New Orleans grooves. Some soul. Some sambas. Some Some’tet fair. A lot of horseplay and horse-trading and some delicious homemade horseradish, perfect for the kielbasas. A helluva good party!

Happy New Year from Some’tet, and I’d like to add … we have some big plans for 2018.