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Keep On Keeping On

2018 keeps on a rolling along. Bumpy as hell for sure, but still grinding away, god knows how or why. But here it is the first day of spring! I’ve been looking forward to this date -- not a fan of Northwest winters. Winter months aren’t awful here, not Buffalo awful, they’re just dark. Being raised in sun dogged SoCal, I doubt I’ll ever get used to the clouds lingering three and a half inches off the top of my head for weeks on end. Anyway, Some’tet keeps on gigging. By the end of March we will have played something like 14 or 15 gigs already this year.

And some very cool gigs are coming up in the next few weeks.

March 29th, 9pm, for the first time ever Some’tet will be playing at Tim’s Tavern. This neighborhood watering hole has been around more or less since 1937, and it’s a renowned spot for local music, especially jazz. Our tenor sax/bass clarinetist Kevin Nortness will be headlining that night with his own band KissyFace -- definitely worth the cruise over to the Greenwood District in Seattle.

April 5th, 5pm, we’re back! Come and hang out with Some’tet for a couple of Happy Hours at the Musicquarium at the Triple Door. Love playing there, it’s a good match for our torch songs from Mars thang.

And not to be forgotten, April 15th will mark five years we’ve been doing the Sunday Night Music residency at the Snapdragon Cafe! Some 230 gigs! Probably 600 hours of music! And this is where Some’tet sprang to life and keeps on keeping on most every Sunday at 7pm. Come on down. There might be cake!