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Halcyon Days ... Oh Hell No!

5 years ago … way back in 2013, I was in rocky shape. Getting divorced, losing my house, working part time at $11 an hour, shifting incessantly thru all those adult shithole troubles that had come to a one mother of a head -- in my head. Oh, halcyon days! Oh, hell no …


Somehow I did, that spring, complete three grownup tasks. I made a doctor’s appointment. I booked time with a therapist. But the smartest move I made -- asking Megan Hastings if I could play music on Sundays at her Snapdragon Café. Just let me sit there in the back, put my head down and quietly grumble amongst all the weird instruments I’d drag along to play.

This coming weekend marks the five-year anniversary of that weekly Sunday night residency.

Now call it chance, kismet or just plan good juju, but what evolved in those 5 years and some 600 hours of live music is not unlike what came slithering out of the goo in the Paleozoic age -- simple life forms like cycads, glossopteris, primitive conifers and ferns, a few vertebrate critters. Yes, Some’tet and its damned opposable thumbs came crawling out of that same boiling sea that tried to drown me. Its kind of amazing … a little jazz, a few torch songs from Mars, some free improvisations, and it has, as they say, brought me back from the theme of the beam of the invisible edge.

Come on down this Sunday, April 15th, 7pm, Snapdragon Café/Home Sweet Home the Bar. There will be great music. There will be great cake!