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Static. There’s the problem. And I don’t mean that crackling, hissing din you hear from a radio or TV -- that noise is camouflage for my tinnitus, don’t mind it at all -- I mean that sense of inertia … bland, dreary static, lifeless to the touch. As of late, I’ve been somewhat knee deep in this insipid muck. Dithered by some deep-rooted shit. A few weeks back, during one of our Snapdragon Sunday night gigs, and after some tepid guitar solo, I knew I’d run out of ideas. The following week, thankfully/hopefully, I came back to life a bit … but still, my efforts came across as somewhat feeble, at least as feeble as all the clichés I’m about to type.

I guess static can be seen as consistent. Rigid and uniform. Me, I think of it as the annihilation of all things good … well hell, even the end of all things bad. It explains contentment with mediocrity, settling for a colorless life, lapsing into monotony, balling up into dull, gray dumplings. No salt. No pepper. No paprika. A stagnancy stew. All very dreary and margarine and safe.

What am I looking for? There’s the question. And right now, a direct answer is probably out of the question. What should I do? I don’t know -- pick left instead of right? Say yes instead of no? Invent new improvisations on old uncertainties. I’ve tried them all, and I’ve had interesting results, but, ahh … no thanks. I need real solutions. Actual answers. So here, let’s start with this … check out more new music. Study. Practice new things. Pilfer new ideas. Book some gigs. Especially solo gigs. Perform sans Some’tet and maybe a bit of kismet will touch my sweater or my nylon stings and spark some motion, ideas. Yes. April 2019. Here we go. Below is an upcoming gig. Wander by if you get a chance. Give a listen!

new giggg.jpg