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Happy Birthday ol' Band

Well shit! Believe it or not, our 4th birthday is here. Some’tet was birthed way back when on September 28th, 2015. Ahh … I remember the day, the conversation, the gig … vaguely. I think it was sunny. Maybe.

On that date we somehow settled on Some’tet. And it stuck. We had gigged under several other banners -- The Callipygous Trio, ZazzerZuzz, and many more ridiculous names that nobody, anywhere could ever really pronounce. But here we are. Four years since our christening and next Sunday will be our 243rd gig, that’s a crapload of hours, a helluva lot of notes and chords and noise and work.

So everybody! Raise your glass. Here’s to many more years of jazz! To the music, to fresh ideas, to more experimentation, to greater solos, to greater songs, to fine moments to come, to fun and camaraderie, to us recording again, to Some’tet! Cheers! And to all of you ‘Tets and guest ‘Tets who have made it happen – Barry, Patrick, Christine, Kevin, Dodd, Dianne, Wes, Rusty, Dylan, Michael, Bill, Ethan, Seth, William, Makena, Dan … thank you!

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Some'tet stage.jpg